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Innovation, reliability and an impeccable finish…

Innovation, reliability and an impeccable finish every time. Since 1928 we’ve been at the cutting-edge of product design; more than 80 years later and that passion for innovation can be seen in every one of our brushes, rollers and tools. Furthermore, because all Harris products come with a Lifetime Guarantee, you can enjoy a professional finish and better performance for generations to come.

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Why Harris Brushes are better

From the finest natural bristles and high performance synthetic filaments, to their revolutionary shaped handles, Harris brushes are unrivalled in both quality and innovation, ensuring that every brushstroke delivers an unmistakably smooth finish.

No Bristle Loss
Natural bristles and synthetic filaments help to keep bristle loss to a minimum.
Paint Pickup
Harris brushes use the finest bristles and filaments to absorb more paint.
Harris brushes hold more paint to cover larger areas before requiring reloading.
Lay Off
For an exceptional finish, Harris brushes have flexible and finely tipped ends.
Shape Retention
Harris brushes retain their shape; ensuring tidy edges every time you paint.